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    We're on a mission to scale your business to China with AWS/Aliyun.

    Aliyun deployment

    Your gateway to China

    Ownership of the website is one of the most important thing when your business growth. That is why the way to launch your website matters. Normally you can get simple web hosting(only web server and DB) or website PaaS. But why cant you own eveything?


    If your web site is a major part of your business, you should start worrying about the limitation that brings from a quick, All-in-One solution

    AWS deployment

    Integrate your existing architecture in China

    We help our clients deploy and run AWS. We auto-scale your applications by using Cloudformation / Chef. Largely reduce your auto-scale time and code deploy speed. With our technologies, we scale from Nginx (web server) to NoSQL datebase like MongoDB & TiDB (A distributed Relational Database). With PHP/Python/Ruby/Node.js.


    Customised services takes place to our enterprise customers who need run AWS and especially in China at large scale.

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  • Who We Are

    We're on a mission to deploy AWS and China localization

    Keith Yau

    CEO &Principle Developer

    - Series entrepreneur

    - Software & System architect

    - AWS Community Hero

    - CSDN AWS Community Expert.
    - 2015 DrupalCon LA Scholarship Winner

    - 4 times build Tech Team

    Jacky Chan

    CTO & System architect

    IT Master in HKUST

    Worked for Oracle & IBM as certificated engineer

    -OCP(Oracle Certificate Profession)

    -OCA(Oracle Certificate Associate)

    -IBM AIX System Administrator

    -AWS technical consultant

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