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  • Story about BOOTDEV

    BootDev is a team that found on 2014, graduated from Chinaccelerator, currently with a team size of 20 staffs. The team goal is to build fascinating IT product, in terms of zero-to-one design and development, system reform and enhancement, hiring, training and consultant service. Project scope includes web, mobile app, cloud or non-cloud infrastructures, hardware/IOT implementations, blockchains, bigdata, fintech and GFW networking.


    Since founded, BootDev have organized technical events for different technology sectors. We have been the drupal camp organizer for many years in Shanghai. We are also the organizer of AWS Shanghai user group. Two members of the team are AWS Hero of China. Been participating in Techyizu Barcamp for several years. Projects of Bootdev’s incubation has accumulate received 10M+ RMB investment with companies still in operation today.


    BootDev is pioneer of tech, playing with latest & cutting edge technologies are the hobbies of the core team members. Started using Drupal since version 5, AWS since 2014, Azure since 2015, Docker since 2016, php since version 5.1, nodejs since version 6 first launch. BootDev also love to step into minority tech product or service like Apache Kylin OLAP, JD cloud, QingCloud, Kong API, Chef Devops tools. Nevertheless, famous tools are a must-try in BootDev culture, say pingcap’s TiDB, Aliyun, Ansible, Redis, Django.


    BootDev is also good in IT management, CTO Jacky has profession on PMP and ITIL v3. Leaded team with a maximum size of 60+ technical staffs by scrum agile framework.

  • Development

    • iphone, ipad, mac, window, linux or any famous platform applications
    • Web frontend and backend, with or without framework, Laravel, Symfony
    • Big Data architecture, AWS EMR, Azure HDInsight, OLAP
    • BI reporting systems(Tableau, Talend, Pentaho )
    • CMS - Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla
    • Blockchain tech - Smart Contract, Wallets
    • Script Languages only, php, python, nodejs,
    • AI - Tensorflow model building
    • Implementation of mathematical algorithms for Financial sector
    • Cloud infrastructure enhancement and implement



    • Implement of CICD workflow
    • Scrum/Agile development and management
    • Hiring and training service
    • architecture review and enhancement planning
    • Open source tech implementation
    • Enterprise level system, middleware implementation
    (Oracle RDBMS, IBM AIX, HACMP, EMC Storage, Redhat)

    Maintenance & Support

    • Facebook/Google SEO/SEM
    • 3rd party tools management
    • Physical stores deployment
    • Enhancement of application and architecture to achieve SLA 99.99%
    • Dockerize of existing system
    • Stabilize of existing system
    • Performance tuning and resolve bottleneck of cloud or

    Design and Planning

    Mobile Application, Website wireframe design

    Workflow design

    Business to IT landing

    intuitive and engaging UI/UX

    CMS and reporting design

    Responsive design and development


  • technologies

  • Superkuai transparent proxy VPN router

    Online booking system

    Online Map system


    link maybe outdated anytime

  • solutions

    solutions - cloud

    AWS, Azure, Alicloud fully supported

    AWS Golden Partner

    Azure Golden Partner

    SLA: remains 99.97%+

    BlockDev Auto Scaling

    Rapid Deployment by

    - AWS Cloudformation and Azure ARM

    50+ templates ready for different resource provision

    Cost Saving


    solutions - Bootdev Scaling

    solutions - Big Data

    Fast Deployment

    (Cloud/On premise)


    Auto-Scaling architecture


    Seamless integration

    with BI tools


    DevOps of CI/CD flow

  • 2014-2015 big data project
    AWS EMR, S3, Android APP

    2014 Android app
    Drupal web backend

    2014 IOS, Android app
    and web site

    2015 - 2017 Drupal web site
    AWS auto-scaling architecture
    Content management, Dynamic CDN
    CICD, Web tuning, Newrelic, GA
    Apache solr, 20+ web sites,
    concurrent user 20000

    2017 Drupal web site
    AWS EC2, nginx + php fpm tuning
    Cache tuning, system upgrade

    2017-2018 Drupal backend,
    Hardware implementation to multi-location
    BI and big data workflow
    Hiring and consulting
    Scrum with 60+ dev team,
    200-300k orders per day

    2017 Mageneto 2.0
    Frontend and backend implementation
    Payment gateway

    2018 Dockerize of all nodejs application
    Kong API gateway, nodejs PM2
    Azure virtual machines, MongoDB cluster


    2017-2018 Storage application
    GFW service
    php application

    Android app + web backend,
    Hardware implementation, Ionic
    Reactjs, Nodejs, Aliyun, CouchDB

    2017 Drupal web site
    Performance tuning
    AWS architecture implementation

    2017-2019 Estuarine dynamic sedimentary
    geomorphology background data
    collection application


    2018-2019 academy web site,
    Tide monitoring application with hardware
    and management web backend

    2017-2018 PaaS for AWS, Azure by
    AWS Cloudformation, Azure ARM, Chef,
    Apache Kylin, Kafka, AWS EMR,
    Azure HDInight, ELK, Datadog monitoring
    Docker implementation
    Presales and POC

    2017-2019 20+ Druapl web sites,
    php application, 3rd php framework
    nodejs backend + electron + react js
    CICD workflow,
    web frontend and backend tuning
    Apache solr, Project management,
    Hiring and consulting

    2017-2018 WeChat App, TV app,
    php backend,
    Chinese Government project
    Responsive website
    Domain name and ICP,
    WeChat public acct


    2017-2018 Cross platform map
    GPS location and navigation
    User, Sta
    ff, Data management
    Mobile, Desktop application
    Image processing and display

    2018 Online booking system
    Codeigniter of php
    Frontend and backend implement


    2018 Blockchain project
    Wallet development,
    Encryted hardware storage
    Smart Contract
    Fintect methodology, trading robot
    Laravel CMS and
    user management

  • showcases

    Case 1 :http://www.coconuts.co/

    Websites scaled from 3 sites to 10 sites
    AWS costdown : USD 8K/m -> USD2K/m
    Rate of flow: 3M -> 14M+ PV/mon
    Max 20K Online Users at the same time
    (source from google analytics)
    Deployment times: 15 times/ day (Peak)
    SLA 99.98%
    Related Technology:
    • Drupal+AWS
    • Nginx
    • Php-fpm
    • Chef
    • Docker
    • SOLR


    Case 2 :Zkungfu POS-Sparkpad

    Enterprise level Drupal Project
    The largest POS project of Chinese Chain Restaurant

    The largest project of Drupal in china
    AWS China Region Application
    Related Technology:
    AWS/Azure/Aliyun Hybrid
    Nginx microcache
    Apache Kylin
    Oracle, Mysql DB
    Hardware and Software deployment for
    600+ stores
    reporting system


    Case 3 :http://www.mti.co.jp

    Factory embedded application in Japan Android Cell Phone
    Data Size is too big to produce reports forms with general tool
    Related Technology:
    Big Data: AWS EMR 30GB/day, 2TB init data, daily batch processing
    Apache Pig
    Hybrid Cloud: Google BigQuery + AWS EMR + AWS S3
    Data from music.jp, entag.jp


    Case 4 :“怪物联盟”Game APP

    Chinese game, Launched overseas
    Related Technology:
    AWS Japan
    3000 online users same time/each Game Zone,5 Game Zones
    Unstable Concurrency


    Case 5 :上海鸟类调研录入系统 Shanghai bird investigation and recording system

    Project of Shanghai Forestry Bureau to build cross platform APP,
    with backend management system,
    investigator uses mobile app to record bird found in wild to
    achieve paperless and digital recording and data store
    Related Technology:
    Android application
    network connection is not stable in the wild,
    At the same time, map and location service, data input service is required


    Case 6 :长宁区智慧民生平台 Shanghai Changning district intelligence livelihood platform​

    Government of Shanghai Changning was launching a livelihood platform for
    citizen living in with community services, utility services, news, education,
    transportation and etc to provide functions and information.
    Related Technology:
    IOS app
    WeChat mini app
    Responsive user interface
    ELK, logstash and filestash
    Apach solr
    Going through ICP process of website online inside china
    Wechat public acct registration
    Connecting to internal API provided by government


    Case 7 :Booking System

    Community services in HK needs a web-based system for
    record and allow users for room booking.
    Expanding the client requirement for general use. Sold to 50+ companies
    Related Technology:
    Responsive design and frontend

  • Who We Are

    We're on a mission to build great IT products

    Keith Yau

    Founder & Sales

    -AWS Community Hero
    -AWS Community Expert on CSDN.Net
    -Blockchain Mania
    -Serial entrepreneurs
    -AWS User Group China Organizer
    -Drupal User Group China Organizer

    Jacky Chan

    Founder & Architect

    -Master Degree of HKUST
    -Former Chief Architect of 10 Million-PV Website
    -Former Technical Director of an international chain restaurant
    -Experienced DevOps Expert
    -Oracle、IBM Senior Certificated Engineer

    -ITILv3 Certified Project Manager

    Jerenus Zhen Jun

    Co-founder & Developer(Project)

    -Open Source technology developer
    -Professional Drupal and Web developer
    -Android and IOS developer
    -Blockchain developer
    -Shanghai Government connections
    -cross-platform application
    -big-data analysis
    -interactive maps, IOT

    Mike Yeung

    Co-founder & Developer(Product)

    Self-learned developer with 15 yrs experience
    Web and Frontend developer
    UI/UX designer
    Built IT product and sales for more than 50+ companies

    Mengwen Shi

    Frontend Developer

    Mobile Web development,
    responsive web site and tool application

    Town, Chen Zhen

    Backend Developer

    Multimedia developer, software engineer,
    C++, Java, Drupal and PHP professional

    Longke Chen

    Backend Developer

    Senior PHP developer,
    Mapbox developer
    Developer of million-pv level application
    Fintech, Machine learning, Blockchain

    Huaqing Chen

    Software Engineer

    Senior Laravel developer
    Blockchain developer
    Full stack engineer

    Jimmy Ko

    Designer and Frontend Developer

    Senior Full Stack Developer
    Experienced Full Stack
    Engineer with a
    demonstrated history of
    working in the various
    Skilled in PHP, Android
    Development, Vim, SASS,
    and Front-end Development

    Everright Chen

    Application Architect & Backend Developer

    CMS Specialist
    Senior Drupal, Wordpress, Magento developer
    Able to code in python, ruby, nodejs, php and go
    IOS developer
    Wechat Integration
    Java Application

    Xiuhu Li


    Network & System engineer
    AWS Cloudformation
    Azure ARM deployment
    Experienced in wide distribution of OS
    Coreos, Centos, ubuntu, wintel...

    Mayank kamothi

    Co-founder & Developer

    (Development and Design)

    Drupal Developer for Frontend and Backend

    Handling Design team

    Contributed to several modules of Drupal

    Project manager

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